Welcome to Natto Unleashed, the official home of the groundbreaking book Natto Unleashed: The Japanese Superfood that Will Revolutionize the Western Diet. This site is your ultimate resource for all things natto, a powerful and underrated Japanese superfood.

The Natto King, Sachiaki Takamiya, the author of The Ikigai Diet and Ikigai Bio-Hacking, invites you to explore the extraordinary health benefits of natto, a traditional fermented soybean dish with a unique flavor and an exceptional nutrient profile. Crowned as the healthiest food by over 300 Japanese doctors, natto has been a secret weapon in Japan’s longevity and is now poised to transform Western diets.

“Natto Unleashed” is more than just a guide to this ultimate superfood. It’s a gateway to an anti-aging lifestyle and exceptional vitality, answering all your questions about natto, providing inventive recipes, and revealing the power of natto for biohacking.

Whether you’re a health enthusiast eager to harness the power of natto, a culinary explorer ready to embrace new flavors, or someone seeking an overall healthier lifestyle, this site, and the book it represents, are for you.

Step into the world of natto, and prepare for a transformational culinary journey that will redefine your perspective on diet and health.

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